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Are you attractive to an agency?


Having worked in Finance recruitment for 14 years I’ve been asked a number of times why do you register certain candidates and not others, how do you decide the candidates you can help from those you can’t and when you do decide what can they expect from you.

Whilst it’s never nice having to tell a candidate you can’t help, I believe in being upfront and honest and I base my decisions on the C.V, Telephone Interview and Face to Face meetings along with a number of other elements.

The flexibility factors

With so many candidates in the job market it’s important to be flexible whilst remaining committed to your career path. So imagine your perfect job and then answer the following.

1. How far will I travel for this role and how easy is it for me to do so?  Being able to drive does make you more desirable as it means  you can get to more clients.

2. What salary would I accept for this role?

3. What level of role will I accept in order to move my career forward?

Depending on how flexible and realistic you are, helps when a consultant is deciding if he can genuinely help you.

The skill set

In a client driven market where there are a lot of candidates looking for work, the consultants have to think like a client and look for the “perfect fit”.

If you don’t have enough relevant experience for roles you apply for, consultants will find it difficult to convince clients you’re right for the role as clients are less likely to give you a chance to progress as they prefer people to be able to perform the job from day one. On the flip side to this, if you are over skilled for the role clients are also scared off as they feel that potentially, as the markets improve, they could lose you to a better prospect.

Take some advice from your consultant and be realistic. If you want your career to move forward, take a job you have current experience in but within a company you feel that you can progress in, clients are more likely to promote from within in the current climate.

The face to face meeting

When you meet with a consultant it’s the chance to put yourself at the top of their priority list, how well you interview will have a direct result on how hard a consultant works on your job search and ultimately how quickly you find your next job. Effective consultants know the clients to go to in order to create a job for you and don’t just wait for a job to come their way. Treat the interview as though you are meeting with a client, show the consultant the same level of professionalism demonstrating you know your field and make sure your personality comes across.

Good consultants will agree a plan with you and be able to answer any questions you have about the market, critique your interview technique and offer tips to improve your chances. If they don’t, then ask them to as you’ve invested the time and effort so far now it’s their turn to deliver!

The follow up

Good consultants should be speaking to you regularly, updating you on how the plan is going and what they have done to help you find your next job. If they don’t, give them a call. The job search should always be a two way experience.

Preparation and helping you get the job

This is the most important part of the process you’re now booked in to meet with a client and you have the chance to land your perfect job. Your consultant should prepare you fully prior to the interview giving in depth details of the client, the role, the team and office environment along with some tips about how to impress the person / people your meeting.

When you’ve finished the meeting always provide feedback and ask for feedback from the client, no matter how painful it could be this will prove invaluable in future success.

When you’re made an offer of employment you should be able to rely on your consultant to negotiate you the best deal possible and communicate with you all the way through until you start.

Honestly honest

My belief in life as well as recruitment is that honesty is the key to everything, if I am honest and upfront with you, you know where you stand. Be honest with the consultant in return. If we know everything about your job search we’ll be able to make plan accordingly and ensure we work well for you.

Finally a good candidate always knows other good candidates, so if you have found a consultant who you feel does the job right let your friends know and spread the word.