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A career in finance – is it for you ?

Thinking about a career in finance?

There are few a few things you should be asking yourself before making that decision ? Like why do I want to be an accountant ? What does it take to become and accountant and how do I achieve it ?

Having studied CIMA and worked as an accountant myself before turning to finance recruitment where I have worked for 14 years,  I have been lucky enough to see and on occasion be part of a number of candidates careers, seeing their journey first hand has given me the experience to offer some advice.

Every company in every industry in every corner of the globe need finance professionals giving you the choice to work in an organisation and location that genuinely motivates and interests you, working in a role which contributes to the success of an organisation will make you a respected business professional, most candidates are rewarded well financially but the road will be challenging, needing commitment, discipline, hard work, intelligence and a passion for the world of finance.

There are a number of routes you can take in your career path and many candidates don’t know the route until they start. No one route is better than the other but is dependent on an individual’s circumstances and choice.

Some candidates are lucky enough to secure a training contract with a respected accountancy practice. These candidates usually study the ACA qualification and sample all areas of accounts from invoicing through to full accounts preparation often taking responsibility for smaller clients with support from more senior member of the team. This gives a great foundation  of experience to progress but be sure to gain enough commercial experience if you eventually want to move out of practice into commerce and industry.

Another route is straight into industry and commerce. Candidates often start in a process orientated role such as purchase ledger or sales ledger studying AAT then as experience progresses move into Assistant Accountant roles studying CIMA or ACCA. At this point some candidates choose the financial accounting route (where past figures are analysed and accounted for) or the management accounting route (where financial data is used to make predictions on future performance) roles often combine both but the choice is yours.

If you don’t have the desire to study then the final route could be for you. Many companies are happy for you to progress through the accounting function gaining work based experience along the way, accountants that have chosen this route are often referred to as QBE’s or Qualified by Experience. Due to the vast amount of commercial experience candidates are exposed to by following this route, many companies are happy to ignore the formal qualification

It takes all types of personalities to become an accountant some roles need thinkers, some roles need a commercial mind but in my experience its a career worth pursuing.

If you would line any further information or expansion on the advise above please give us a call on 01622661633 and ask for Simon or Richard we are always happy to help.