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Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media

As a recruiter with 14 years experience I have found myself over the last few years using social media as one of the ways to help  form an option of a candidate and to assess their calibre, ensuring they are the right candidate to represent with my clients.

You don’t know who’s looking at your profile and what impression it gives of you so when using any social media it’s important to carefully consider what you shouldn’t do as well as what you should.

Here are a few tips to help you make the most of social media.

1-Be a part of it

In this digital world its important to have an online presence. It enables you to build a network of individuals that could lead to future employment or career development. Typical sites candidates and employers use to network are facebook, Twitter and Linked in but there are of course many similar sites you could utilise.

2 – Consistent and up to date

If you have a presence across a number of sites, be consistent with your information for example make sure dates of employment, Qualifications, addresses and contact numbers all match and are up to date, it shows you care about how you present and avoids negative questions popping up in potential employers minds.

3 – Watch your P’s and Q’s

You don’t know who might read your tweets, posts or updates so be careful what you say. Potential employers will read through the comments you have made recently and build up a picture of your personality and attitudes.  What would a potential employer think of a post saying how much you hate your boss, job or the company you work for, swearing is also a no no.

4 –  Don’t just take, take, take.

Social media is a two way thing so make sure you reach out to others rather than waiting for them to connect to you. You’ll get more in return if you are prepared to spend a little giving back to people in your network write a recommendation on LinkedIn, offer to introduce them to another connection, share an article or news with them.

5 – Google yourself frequently

This is a sure fire way to audit your social media presence if you can find it so can your current boss or that employer wanting to make you a job offer too you. It’ll be interesting what you find but it also give you a chance to change anything that gives the wrong impression before it forms an unwanted opinion!

6 – Understand your privacy settings

Social media is a social play ground so have fun and play just make sure the people you want to see the pictures of that night out or the morning after are the people that have the access to them. Adjust you privacy settings accordingly however don’t block people from seeing everything as this can also give the impression you have something to hide!

7- Quality as well as quantity

Whilst having a good number of connections in a network is beneficial as it means a wider audience, make sure they are people you know or have people relevant to what you are trying to achieve through social media. Celebrities are great to follow on twitter and we all do it but they’re not going to help you find a new job.

8 – Be interesting

Repeating the same post, liking the same articles or posting dull statements is exactly that, dull, be interesting and varied. Avoid making too many bold opinionated statements as this can alienate people having said that don’t be someone you are not showcase your personality and be engaging.

9 – Spellings and Grammar

It’s potentially an inaccurate way of forming an opinion on someone’s intellect and intelligence but employers, current or potential will always take into account your spelling and grammar when considering your suitability for a new role so make sure you proof read your posts before making them public.

10 – Don’t wait until it’s to0 late

Social media is not a fad and is here to stay – don’t build up a network and social presence when you need to, do it now, it takes a long time to build and you never know when you’ll need it.