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Ref Job Title Location Salary
BM14584 Underwriting assistant / trainee East Sussex, West Sussex £23,000 - £26,000
BM14583 Insurance Customer Service Kent, West Kent £18,000 - £22,000
BM14582 Senior Commercial Broker Kent, West Kent £30,000 - £45,000
BM14581 Surveying Technical Advisor Kent, West Kent £24,000 - £27,000
BM14580 Motor Underwriting assistant Kent, West Kent £19,000
BM14577 Claims Quality Assistant East Sussex, Home Working, West Sussex £24,000 - £25,000
BM14574 Sales Developer & Coordinator Surrey up to £30,000
BM14573 Contact centre Agent – Insurance policy Fraud Sussex £21,000
BM14571 Insurance Underwriter Glasgow up to £28000
BM14569 Broker Trading manager East Sussex, Hampshire, Surrey £35,000