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How to achieve a work life balance

In today’s hectic world balancing your life and work can be a huge challenge, studies show an imbalance either way can lead to unhappiness, increase stress levels and a reduction in productivity.

The tips out lined in this article are designed to offer some advice on how to achieve harmony in both your work life and personal life.

Before you can balance your work and private life you need to work out a few things about yourself.

What makes you tick, what makes you happy, what motivates you, what’s important to you at work and in your private life?

Once you answer these questions work out your priorities, ask yourself if you could only prioritise one thing in your personal life what would it be?  That’s number one, now work out your top 5 and do the same for work.

Ok now you know your priorities, it’s time to understand where you actually spend your time. Track what you do over a few days or weeks to get an understanding of how much time you lose doing things you don’t deem as priorities. Once you know, stop doing them or delegate them as it will free up more time for the things you see as a priority.

Now you have a better idea of what your own work life balance needs to look like it’s time to start balancing.

Manage your time well and don’t multitask – when you’re working focus on work. When you’re spending time enjoying your private life focus solely on that whether it is leisure, play or simply relaxing its important to be present in the present.

Don’t be afraid of saying no, there is no point volunteering for everything because you’ll never be able to do it all well, stick to the priorities and do them to the best of your ability. People will value what you do well rather than the number of things you do badly.

To help with your productivity don’t be afraid to develop your skills, the more highly skilled you become in what you’re doing the more time you’ll start to win back to use on other priorities.

When you’re busy maximising your time don’t forget to take care of yourself, eat properly, sleep well and get some exercise, a healthy body has a direct link to a productive mind. Take this seriously – if you’re stressed, tired or ill you’ll be less productive.

Finally remember Life’s for enjoying so make sure you spare little time everyday to do something you enjoy and have some fun. Plan it in your schedule so it doesn’t eat into your work and life priorities but remember to be good to yourself.

Life’s for living….. Some people live to work, others work to live, why don’t you do both?